I Am A Dragonite

Welcome to my website! Here I have Pokémon GO tips and information. I also have technology related articles, tutorials and much more.


Starting September 10th, 2018, you will NOT be able to access this website through www.iamadragonite.com. Instead, you may access it through https://riceflavoredgum.github.io/IAmADragonite/. The reason for this change is the domain iamadragonite.com will EXPIRE on September 10th, 2018. I will NOT renew the domain because I have realized that my website gets very few hits. On average, my website gets around 20 to 40 hits a month. I have decided to give up my website and make YouTube videos instead. You can find my channel at www.YouTube.com/RiceFlavoredGum. While I will still make technology related content for my YouTube channel, I will focus more on making gaming videos, funny videos and diss tracks. I know that a few people loved my website and visited it often, but all good things have to come to an end. This website will no longer be updated. No new content will be created and existing webpages will not be edited. I guess I am not a Dragonite anymore.